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December 20, 2022: PECO RFP - ANNOUNCING the Fifth Solicitation under PECO’s DSP V; POSTING: RFP Documents for March 2023 Solicitation

PECO is holding a fifth solicitation under DSP V to procure full requirements service for three classes of customers:  the residential class, the small commercial class, and the large consolidated commercial and industrial class.  The Bid Date is March 14, 2023.  To submit bids in this solicitation, a supplier must present its qualifications through the submission of a Part 1 Proposal by 12 PM (noon) EPT on Tuesday, February 28, 2023.

Documents for this solicitation, including the RFP Rules, Uniform SMA, Inserts, and credit related documents, have been posted to the RFP Website.  The calendar is now available on the Calendar page.

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