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March 08, 2019: PECO RFP – POSTINGS: Updated Data Description and New FAQs

The Data Description Document posted to the Monthly data page in the Data Room has been updated on page 2 with the following note related to the NYPA allocation.

The daily peak load contribution (“PLC”) and network transmission service peak load (“NSPL”) data for the Residential class are not adjusted for the NYPA allocation. Hourly load data for the Residential Class, which is broken down by load related to PECO’s default service customers (“Default Energy”) and load related to customers who have elected to be supplied by an Electric Generation Supplier (“EGS Energy”), is handled differently. In regards to the hourly load data for the Residential class, PECO subtracts the NYPA allocation from the Default Energy (MWh) column and adds a corresponding amount to the EGS Energy (MWh) column.

Additionally, new FAQs have been posted to the FAQs page.

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