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September 11, 2020: ANNOUNCEMENT: RFP Website Technical Issues Resolved Deadline to Submit the Part 1 Proposal 6 PM on September 15

There were technical issues with the RFP website (pecoprocurement.com) this past week, which have since been resolved. While these technical issues did not impede access by RFP Bidders to the Proposal website (dspproposal.com) for submission of the Part 1 Proposal, some RFP Bidders were unable to access documents hosted on the RFP website and critical to the Part 1 Proposal in a timely fashion. For this reason, the deadline for submission of the Part 1 Proposal has been moved from 12 PM (noon) EPT to 6 PM EPT on Tuesday, September 15, 2020.

Please contact the Independent Evaluator by replying to this announcement if you are unable to meet this extended deadline as a consequence of the technical issues on the RFP website.

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