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September 15, 2020: REMINDER: Part 1 Proposals Due TODAY, September 15 at 6PM EPT!

Part 1 Proposals for the September 2020 Solicitation under PECO’s fourth Default Service Program (“DSP IV”) are due TODAY, September 15 at 6PM EPT. Late Part 1 Proposals will not be considered.

In order to qualify to submit Bids, a supplier must present its qualifications through the submission of a Part 1 Proposal. The Part 1 Proposal is available to be completed online and will be accessible to suppliers with accounts. RFP Bidders must submit their materials for the Part 1 Proposal using the online Part 1 Form.

If you have not done so already, use this link to request an account to log in to the online proposal website securely (or go to https://www.dspproposal.com/get-account/). The Independent Evaluator will provide one (1) account per RFP Bidder. Additional instructions for completing and submitting the online Part 1 Form will also be provided.

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